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    Venture Capital Funding & Business Financing


"Operations, Strategic Management and Ongoing Business Development" are the need-of-the-hour in any business, especially when it comes to healthcare industry. Medical Doctors and Surgeons are busiest professionals who dedicate their lives for the well-being of patients and at the same time they contribute to the improvement in the quality of medical care via continuous research by closely working with medical-surgical device industry and pharmaceutical industry helping them launch life-saving drugs and technologies. We take this opportunity to become part of this life-saving mission to help them build, launch and operate medical facilities, hospitals and nursing homes hence the name "Satellite Medical Centre". We act as "Satellite Launch Vehicles & Launch Pad" for all the yet to launch, new and existing hospitals in a way quite similar to NASA, ISRO, RFSA who help other countries launch their satellites with higher success rate at a more economic price and continue to maintain them in their orbit.

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    Satellite Medical Centre- SMC provides integrated turnkey hospitals construction solutions. As an expert organization with a combined overall founders-executive experience of 100+ man years, we undertake the projects to deliver ready-to-operate hospitals to the owners. SMC combines professional strategic advice, feasibility study , project management, financing, engineering, architecture and international experience to ensure the success of our projects and client satisfaction with compliance, SOPs, Protocols in place. . .

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    SMC takes up end-to-end hospital management to help busy hospital owners, especially surgeons by allowing them to concentrate on patient-care and hectic OT schedules. We also undertake the operations management of corporate hospitals belonging to big business houses as well as mid-size and small hospital chains and nursing homes to enable smoother functioning by upgrading, installing & implementing state-of-the-art OT, expanding the existing business and bed-size,. . .

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    • Hospital Administration & Operations Management
    • Venture Capital Funding & Business Financing
    • Hospital & Lab Accreditations - JCI/NABH?NABL
    • Industry Ratings & Market Research
    • Strategic Consulting - Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Healthcare Technology - EMR/HIT/Clinical Apps
    • Branding, Sales & Marketing Solutions
    • Medical Insurnce & TPA Liasion
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  • Since the beginning Mirada Medical has proven to be a company that is focused on patient satisfaction and quality imaging. The support staff here in the states and at their corporate office always make every effort to quickly resolve software issues and even accommodate . . .