About Us

"Satellite Medical Centre" has been founded to help hospitals, medical consultants and surgeons by offering solutions like strategic advice in hospital management as well as helping them with setting up of chain of hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes/IVF centres and clinics with or without venture capital and business financing within Singapore, Gulf, India and overseas at tier-1, tier-2 and tier3-cities while they are busy providing better care to their patients. Our clients exist both within Singapore, Gulf, India and overseas and we have strategic partnerships with other hospital management companies overseas to offer the above services including JCI/ NABH/NABL and other country-specific accreditation support, pre-audit readiness including business from Medical Tourism. We are one-stop-shop solution for all medium-size, big and large Hospitals from infrastructure set up, commissioning, launch, accreditation to profit making under single roof.

Satellite Medical Centre offers best services to the hospital owners at economic fee keeping in mind the unavailability of expertise in start-up advise, gap analysis, financial expertise, branding, sales, and hospital administration at metropolitan cities, suburbs and remote areas thus making difference in the partnership by adding value to create innovative models and tap more revenues from the unexplored market. Mutual leads creation, business development and marketing too are important value additions while making the partnership successful and long-lasting which would be both B2C and B2B2C. By outsourcing your entire hospital operations while working together, we have an opportunity to increase patient flow, impact on retention of patients, mutual referrals and thus not only present ourselves as a socially committed joint venture among the patient pool but also for specific mutual benefits but provide range of services under single roof by completely making use of the existing underutilized infrastructure, manpower expertise and finance to expand gradually. The hospital owners can then see the difference in the quicker breakeven and improved EBIDTA at the end of every month and financial year once they hire us and we implement our business strategy.


Satellite Medical Centre's vision is to make hospital management an easier task and enable uniformity when it comes to functioning, quality by implementing strategic initiatives and bringing in financially feasible models, best medical-surgical/ technical manpower and management techniques under one roof. SMC is working towards becoming the Launch-pad for strategic partner for your hospital.

Satellite Medical Centre's mission is to bring in management techniques for hospitals within Asia & Middle East countries keeping in mind the Quality, Time, Cost effectiveness and Patient Safety. Enabling surgeons and corporate hospitals concentrate on patient care while SMC shall work closely by easing the financial, administrative, operational and business development tastks